Alaska Region Harris Corporation
ANICS Network

ITS personnel have worked extensively with this program, a satellite communications network consisting of 52 ground stations and two separate satellites for path diversity. This project provides system interfacing, circuit connectivity, monitor and control, WAN, and Weather Distribution. This system demonstrates the wide diversity of talents and capabilities of the ITS technical staff.

Western Pacific Region FAA
NEXRAD Weather Radar

ITS personnel were involved in upgrading and standardizing the Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) facilities in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. These upgrades were diverse in nature, spanning the building and installation of monitor and control panels, building of safety fences, and the retrofit of the Rotary Uninterruptible Power System (RUPS).

Western Pacific Region FAA
ASDE-X Installation Design

ITS personnel working with an ANC 8a partner developed and completed the ASDE-X installation design for Los Angeles International Airport. The successful completion of this effort has led to the addition of several more airports around the country.

Raytheon Service Company
TSA Baggage Screening Systems

ITS is currently providing the installation design and build support for the deployment of several TSA baggage and freight screening systems.